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Professional Ethics

Code of Ethics

As a member of the guardianship community, Volunteer Guardianship One on One recognizes the importance of maintaining the highest level of professionalism in serving our clients and supporting our volunteers. Our trustees, employees, and volunteer guardians agree to abide by the National Guardianship Association Ethical Principles and Volunteer Guardianship One on One’s policy statements below.

National Guardianship Association Ethical Principles

  1. A guardian treats the person with dignity. (Standard 3)
  2. A guardian involves the person to the greatest extent possible in all decision making. (Standard 9)
  3. A guardian selects the option that places the least restrictions on the person’s freedom and rights. (Standard 8)
  4. A guardian identifies and advocates for the person’s goals, needs, and preferences. (Standard 7)
  5. A guardian maximizes the self-reliance and independence of the person. (Standard 9)
  6. A guardian keeps confidential the affairs of the person. (Standard 11)
  7. A guardian avoids conflicts of interest and self-dealing. (Standard 16)
  8. A guardian complies with all laws and court orders. (Standard 2)
  9. A guardian manages all financial matters carefully. (Standard 18)
  10. A guardian respects that the money and property being managed belongs to the person. (Standard 17)

The term “guardian” includes all court-appointed fiduciaries. These Ethical Standards are reflected throughout the National Guardianship Association’s Standards of Practice. Guardians should look to the Standards for guidance on ways to carry out these ethical principles, with specific reference to the highlighted standards.

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