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The Veteran Next Door

Through case management and outreach, we were able to provide a comfortable home and eventually, a burial with military honors to a local veteran.

One of our volunteers became a guardian to a man who had been his neighbor a few years earlier. The man had been caring for his disabled wife for some time, eventually became disabled himself, and was diagnosed with dementia. He was an air force veteran, so in addition to coordinating his long term care in a local nursing facility, the guardian also arranged for a military burial service in a veteran’s cemetery. He spent his last four years actively engaged with other residents, enjoying old movies and occasionally dancing. When he passed away, he received a full military service in a national cemetery.

Kent Davis



  1. Kent Davis 7 years ago February 5, 2017

    Love this article

    • Linda Patrck 7 years ago February 22, 2017

      So do I!